​Whether you are looking to take your style to the next    level or simply find yourself thinking,

  "I have NOTHING to wear," the Wardrobe Edit is the           perfect place to get started.  Together we will assess your current wardrobe and discuss which styles work best for your shape and lifestyle.  As we begin to determine which items should be kept, tailored, consigned or donated, we'll discuss which essential key pieces & accessories are missing and should be added to your wardrobe to make everyday dressing a whole lot easier.  Your closet will be left organized in a way that makes sense and inspires you to look your very best.    


​*Donated items are delivered free of charge to My Sister's House, a nonprofit organization which provides programs and 
resources to empower domestic violence victims. 

Now that we've refreshed your wardrobe, it's time to introduce your new faves to the old ones.  By mixing and matching your clothing & accessories, I'll show you how to build on your wardrobe with outfits that most flatter your style.  Fashion tricks & tips will have you style ready for all of your occasions, saving you time and energy. Whether you're in need for outfit planning for work trips, vacation, or simply need some inspiration with your current wardrobe. 


 If you find yourself buying the same thing over and over while taking up closet space with clothing that barely sees the light of day, Personal Shopping could be the style upgrade that you've been searching for. Whether you're looking to add new pieces to your wardrobe or for that gorgeous statement dress, I can shop with you in predetermined shops or for you, delivering a personalized collection in the privacy or your home/office. 
​Personal Shopping allows you to cut out costly fashion mistakes & stressful shopping trips while saving you time and energy..

Knowing which looks fit & flatter your figure while meeting your lifestyle isn't always easy.   From accessories to essentials, Nadine Camilla is dedicated to designing your perfect look, piece by piece.  See how your style will have you saying so much with out saying a word!