Love Marlow

Some of my most cherished memories are from summers spent with my family in Norway.  The name, "Love Marlow" comes from my grandfather who had a love for style and taught me what hard work, a good sense of humor and love were truly all about. 
Based out of Charleston, SC, I grew up in Tenafly, NJ, a small town just outside of NYC.  My proximity to Manhattan along with time spent in Norway exposed me to different cultures and styles which inspired me to always dress in a way that felt honest to me. 
I learned from an early age that what people wear is more than just clothing - Style is a vehicle used to express one's personality. 
With a degree in sociology, I became fascinated with the study of people and specifically merging my two worlds together.  My passion comes from my "love" to help people find clothes that embrace their own personal style.  I believe that your wardrobe should be an inspiring reflection on your body type, lifestyle and personality, so that you may look and feel your very best. 

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