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Nadine, thank you so much for shopping with me today. For someone who refused to shop for myself, you made it a fun process and super easy to toss everything in my suitcase to travel tonight. Jen and I will both be using you from now on. Thanks again. -Ryan

I really needed a change in my life.
Being alone, living by myself, I was living day to day, tired of the same old thing everyday just going through life.
Nadine helped and taught me things I never knew about personal style.
I admit as a guy, I am clueless about clothes and fashion.
Within just a few hours of meeting her, my walk in closet was organized for the first time and clothes that did not fit or that did not seem right were removed.
Next, we went shopping. I tried on several clothes and items I would have never chosen or even thought to wear by myself. I was given insight of which clothing items worked with each other.
What an amazing difference in myself!

Now when I walk through the supermarket or down the street, I see people turn their heads and smile.
My friends who are women now look at me different and also respond to me in unfamiliar ways I have never seen before in the past.
I see a lot more smiles and get a lot more hugs!

Thank you Nadine for opening a whole new world to me.
Fashion and style does make a difference in how others see you.
I'm very thankful for you for being there for me and making a difference in my life!