Someone (ME) needs to practice what they preach...“Wear what looks good on you which includes hair and make up too!” Why did I wait so long to get my hair done when it makes me FEEL so much better? I may not be the toe head I used to be but that’s what having an amazing stylist @jtaylorhair is for. Envy Salon & Boutique

​Casual is not a hall pass for frumpy & sloppy. Pair fitted with loose to give your look intention. 

Making women feel beautiful is just what I do. Finding styles that fit & flatter YOUR shape, from your very own closet to stores that work for your lifestyle. 

​MESSY doesn’t have to look like you’re lazy. I’ve been working nonstop and today it hit me 😴 My style needed to feel comfy with a side of Tude.

​Here’s #2  of my Top 10 wardrobe ESSENTIALS! A well fitting Black BLAZER is a Must Have! From wool to linen to just about every color 🌈 blazers can take you from a morning meeting to dinner, with the least amount of effort yet make such a style statement. Don’t stop with black either! * * 

​Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it. 

​Your style IS...what’s in your closet. Basically, what you wear is how you brand yourself. In one word, comment what your style says about you.